Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Shelton Boys

This picture was taken around 1921 or 22. (Paul looks about 4 or 5, but KAthy and Karen may know better. L to R are Bryon, Hub, Harry, Pirl and Paul Shelton. It was taken on the South side of their house and the woman peering off the edge of the front porch is probably Margaret Shelton, the boys' grandmother. Grandma Shelton remembers Margaret sitting on the front porch a lot. Once when she and her sister emma Jane were walking home from school, Margaret said "Hello little girls!" is her husky German accent and the girls took off running down the road. Grandma and Grandpa Shelton attended the same elementery school. One day, when she was about7 or 8 years old, Leone came home mad and her mother asked her what was wrong. "That ol' Harry Shelton won't stop winking at me!" was the answer.

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