Thursday, December 29, 2005

Come Blow Your Horn

This picture was taken May 20, 1999. I moved to Illinois two years later and got to know Uncle Bryon quite well. He'd come visit me every morning, bright and early. If he didn't feel like coming to the door, he'd just lay on his horn for a spell. If I didn't feel like getting out of bed, I'd just pull the covers over my head til the honking stopped.
I was always welcome for dinner at Bryon's and he and Leona made me dinner at least once a week. I casually mentioned to him once that I had never tasted squirrel before. About a week later, Bryon called up and said, "OK I want you to come over to the house at for dinner - I got you a squirrel." Sure enough he did! I don't know where or how he got it ( it was too early for hunting season). I can't say I'm too eager to have squirrel again as I found it quite greasy, but I really appreciated the effort he must have went to to get it.
I miss hearing that horn.

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