Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fred & Gracie at home

Here is picture taken in late 1964 of Fred and Gracie Smith at home. I believe the person with the camera was standing in the kitchen and shooting towards the living room.


Ruthie - I blew these images up and lightened them a bit. Also adjusted the focus as best I could without becoming too fuzzy.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Neff Siblings

Here are three siblings - the offspring of Henry Mellott Neff (1826 -1880) and Mariah Jane Brown (1839 - 1900). Henry and Mariah had 14 chuildren, but 5 or 6 (not sure which) died before the age of 18.

From L-R are Ora Othello Neff (Sep 2,1869 - Dec 1 1935)
Cynthia Olive "Ollie" Conard (Oct 1867 - Dec 28, 1939) and
Lorenzo Delmar Neff ("Dell") (Nov 8, 1875 - Aug 25, 1950).

As you can see, Ora only had thumbs -no fingers. He had an unfortunate accident with a corn picker - getting both hands caught.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

So Long Oolong!

This picture was taken in November 1961 - Just before Dad left for Japan. I have another picture somewhere of Dad and Grandpa cutting up just before this photo was taken. Will post it if I can find.

Found it - Grandpa and Bill are both wearing sweaters in this picture, but not the other.

And lastly, this picture - I am assuming wsa taken at the same time? - Does anyone recall where the pictures were taken? Delaware Street or in O'Fallon?

More from 2004

Here are some more pictures from 2004. Mom and I drove over to Vincennes, Indiana one afternoon. When she comes to visit, I always feel I must that she must go somewhere - besides Fairfield and Flora, I mean. Well, we had a great trip to Vincinnes and back. This was taken at the George Rogers Clark Memorial. The monument reads: "The site of Fort Sackville captured from the British by George Rogers Clark and his heroic comrades - February 25, 1779. For more information on Vincennes and the Clark Memorial - Click here:

May 25, 2001

This picture was taken five years ago on May 25 - My first year at Camp David - a rough one... A lot has changed out there since then. Notice the picture of the tiger in the background. Grandma had that for years - I think Dad made it, but will have to double check. Grandma gave it to me before she moved to her new place.

Cailey Noone - Apr 27

Happy 12th Birthday, Cailey! Love you! Hope you will come see me this summer! - Uncle David

BTW - this picture was taken in New Harmony, Indiana in August, 2004. We had a great time that day, didn't we Cailey?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Monument

Granddad's monument was set this past week at the Cisne Cemetary. This pic was taken Tuesday morning, Apr 25.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oct 1962

This was taken in late Sept or early Oct 1962. L- R are Wretha Smith(Harold's wife), Gracie Smith, unknown, Hazel Smith (Robert's wife), Ruth Smith (Rollie's wife) and Grandma (Edith) Smith. It was taken in Granddad and Grandma's breezeway.

Deep in Oats

This was taken around 1960-61. All you can see of Granddad Smith is his hand and hat. The oats were high that year, I guess.

Summer 1986

When I was in my senior year in high school, and for the year after, I had a cool little room in the basement where I kept my records, I recognize most of the stuff in the background. The only thing I can still account for are the coin books and the 10" Bing Crosby LP (Cowboy Songs). On the shelf behind me are small stacks of 78 rpm records. Now the collection would consume the whole basement - Ha! The red jacket was a racing racket) I used to help a friend of mine, Lee "Buck" Grove with his race car at Colorado National Speedway. Wish I still had that jacket, although I still have the matching polo. somewhere.


This picture recalls a lot of great times. Early 1972 (probably Easter time). Janie and Jill Shelton are standing behind us. Jennifer and I are the middle kids and baby Shari is peaking around my right arm. I'm not sure why I am standing around in boxer shorts - haha! All I am missing are sock supports!!! Well the girls look good anyways. I think Bills were in the Phillipines about this time. Notice Grandpa's 1964 Impala is in the background. Remember the little yellow sheds? What were they used for?

A Bunch of Sheltons

This picture was taken in the early 1990s. L-R are Hub and Edna Shelton, Leone Shelton, Paul Shelton, Marion and Luella (Shelton) Fitch.

Summer's Coming....

I was doing just this this evening. Here we see Harvey Bunnell sitting in his yard. I worked around the yard all day and enjoyed a cool drink in a lawn chair at the end of the day. From the daylight, it would appear that Harve's day ended earlier than mine. I'm thinking this picture was in the SW corner of the yard - Mom do you know?

Robert and Rollie

This picture was taken in early 1924 (not the wollen caps) of (l-r) Rollie and Robert Smith. Gracie used to push them around Cisne in this wicker buggy. Pam mentioned something at Rollie's funeral about her doing this, the baby boys being dressed in the long white dresses that babies wore at the time.


I am not sure if Shari has copies of these pictures, but am posting them here for her. They were taken January, 1971. I was 4, she was 1.


Here is another picture of Mom and me, taken about 1969. Marshall place??? I remember the pictures, the lamp and the couch. Just not sure of the house. Mom?

Nederland 1980

Here is a picture I took of Aunt Della Schindler and Aunt Emma Jane Wiebold the summer of 1980. They were staying with my family in Colorado while they visited Uncle Charlie and Aunt Pearl. The picture was taken near Nederland, Colarado on the dam. Nederland is just west of Boulder. the pictures were taken on Barker Dam. The following pictures are of Nederland and Barker Dam.
The dam, which was built in 1905, is just out of range in this picture.

Land Lease

This is a Shelton relic from 1937. Oddly enough it was givin to me by Granddad Smith in the 1980s. It came out of the barn here in Cisne, which means it had at one time belonged to Paul Shelton. I'm guessing that Great Grandpa Wayne Shelton had leased some land. Not sure (yet) where the Webster Farm was or who B.F. Thomas was, but sure Aunt Luella can answer these questions. Just thought I'd post it here for everyone to see.

Stomach Trouble

This picture was taken at the wedding of a good friend of mine in ab out 1994. The wedding was at a ranch somewhere in the mountains above Evergreen, Colorado. I was a groomsman and during the service, which took place in a very small chapel, my stomach started to growl. It didn't just growl - it howled, moaned and churned Big Time! Well, the best man started to hold back his laughter which only caused me to start to get red faced as the minister told of the sanctity of the bonds of marraige. George Carlin once remarked that the best laughter was suppressed laughter ("like when your kneeling in front of a casket"). The best man's mother and mine were both glaring at us, although the groom's mom was real cool about it. The more I tried not to laugh, the more my stomach gurggled. Well.... God Bless the minister. He realized our predicament and told a humourous anecdote - thus allowing a release for everyone. I saw the groom last February when I was in Colorado and we had a big laugh over the whole thing.

Flatirons 1989

This picture was taken above Boulder, Colorado in July, 1989. I used to hike up there a lot. Even took the bus up there once - that was an all-day event. I would take the trails up as high as they would go then go up one side one of the Flatirons, around the back and down the other side. The Flatirons are above Chataqua Park near the Univeristy of Colorado Campus at Boulder. The second picture is of the Flatirons. North is towards the right side of this picture. I was hiking around the third rock from the right that day. Usually went aoround the third or second from the right. Up, aropund and down usually took 4 - 6 hours, depending on the route you used.


I can remember this horse only vaguely. I can remember going with my Dad to a barn somewhere where the horse was boarded. There was another horse there, white in color, which I dubbed "Mr. Magoo." This was taken at our house on Marshall Place in Carmi in about 1969. I can remember the apple trees in the backyard. Seems to me I had rotton apples on my bare feet and tracked them in the back door onto Mom's clean kitchen floor. I can remember her yelling at me - ha! I guess that's what all the screaming was about anyways :P

Tres Brothers

I'm not sure of anything about this picture except who is in it - Bill, Raymond and David Shelton.
Uncle Raymond, do you remember if it was before or after Dad left for Japan? Thought the cousins might like to see it. I'm sure it is 1960 - 65, but that's all.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Late 1967

These two pictures - the first of Jennifer, the second of me, were both taken about the same time - late 1967, I think, and both at Grandpa and Grandma Shelton's house.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter 2006

Here are some photos of Easter 2006 at Uncle Bill's place

Doug had a great time!

Easter 2006