Monday, October 23, 2006

Benjamin Franklin Exhibit

A few weeks ago, I went to the Missouri History Museum to see an eshibit of over 250 Benjamin Fraanklin artifacts. The exhibit is soon to open in Philadelphia. The following are a just a handful of the original items I was lucky enough to see. I spent two hours looking at things that were actually conected to the life of Ben Franklin. All of the images are copied from the internet as I wasn't allowed to take photos. I saw Charles Nicholas' famous painting of Frankin in his fur hat.

The printing press that BF used in London in the middle 1720s.
This is the only known portrait of Deborah Franklin's "forgotton" wife.
Franklin's Electric Battery
Did you know that BF invented a musical instrument called the Armonica. Beautiful to listen to and there are CDs available!

Guess What's Just Around the Corner

You probably haven't noticed, BUT...
I have made an effort not to post any out of season pictures - in other words, no Christmas trees in July! However - tonight I was looking through the 1967 picture file on the computer and ran across some photos that Grandpa Shelton took in Fairfield, Dec, 1967. Looks very, very cold, doesn't it? Now, this could be Fairfield in just 40 days.
I just added a new fireplace to the mix here at Camp David, which has for years been the coldest spot in Wayne County. I am now looking forward to being a little warmer this year. We'll see...
I know my friends in Colorado have already had to dig their snow shovels out of the back of the garage. Well, here is a bit of advice to those who are dreading the cold weather and can't escape to Winter Haven, Florida like some of my favorite people can. I always let the snow get me in the mood for the holidays. Then after the New Year, I know that March is only two short months away. Well, it works for me.
BTW, the first photo is Grandpa nd grandma's house in Fairfield, The second photo is Grandma Shelton (not sure of the location) and third photo was taken at Leo French Park in Fairfield.

Autumn at Blue Mound Road

Sounds like a song title. I took these pictures about 1984. Anyone who is familair with the blue Mound road in Wayne County knows exactly where this woods is located (just south of where the Blue Point School once stood). It was and still is very beautiful.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jennifer and daughters

Here is a good picture of my cousin Jennifer and her daughters Megan and Emily - not sure which is which in this photo. The photo was taken 18 years ago this month - October 1988 at Leo French Park in Farifield, IL.

Smiths - Oct 1962

This picture was taken in Granddad's livingroom. Unfortunatly the only faces showing are (l-r) Fred, Owen and Isaac Smith. The photo was taken Oct, 1962.

Dad's Truck

Here am I at Granddad and Grandma's SMith's house standing next to Dad's truck. This photo was taken in the summer of 1968. Dad still has a truck but it no longer says "Custom Building." Instead it has a bumper sticker that reads: "Vote Democrat - After all, who ever heard of a good piece of elephant." Hmmmm...

Charlie & Pearl

Here is a picture taken in Southern Illinois at the Garden of the Gods of Uncle Charlie and Aunt Pearl Rogers. Grandpa and Grandma Shelton had visited them in late Spring of '67, then later that summer Charlie and Pearl came to Wayne County for a visit.


I thought Dad, Uncle Bill and Uncle Raymond might get a kick out of these tombstones. The first one is in Clark County, Arkansas.
MacDonald County, MO
Phoenix, AZ
Hinds County, Mississippi

Somerville County, Texas

First Day of School

Here are pictures that Shari sent taken on the kids first day of school.

Toothless! Both front teeth gone - takes after his uncle, I guess.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Springfield - Oct 1977

These two pictures were taken in Springfield, IL on Saturday Oct 15, 1977. I can remember the date, because my favorite singer. Bing Crosby, had died the day before. Mom, Shari and I went up to Carlinvile, IL Friday evening to see Dad, who was working in a coal mine there. We went to New Salem and Springfield on Saturday. At New Salem, NBC was filming an Elizabeth Montogmery/ Hal Holbrook film called "The Awakening Land" (I've still never seen it, but would like to find a copy.)
The following day, we went to the Saint Louis Zoo. I think either Shari or Dad may have pictures of that excurion, but I don't. On Oct 15, 2002, I found myself living in St. Louis and I went back to the St. Louis Zoo - 25 years after my first visit. They have a new baby elephant now and I'd like to go back in the next couple of weeks and see him.
Back to Springfield - I have always been an avid reader of Lincoln-lore and am anxious to visit the new Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield (Any takers for a road trip??). I may go up there some snowy day this winter when there is nothing better to do outside.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oct 14 - George Block

Oct 14, 1891 was the birthday of my great grandfather, George Block. He was the youngest son of John and Margaret Block. He married in 1915 to Faye Conard. They had six children. George was a farmer and lived south of the Blue Point woods. He died on June 14, 1966 and is buried in Cisne, IL.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oct 11 - James R. Shelton

James R. Shelton, the brother of my great-great granddad, was born to Josiah and Margaret Shelton on Oct 11, 1832 in Henderson Co, KY. He first married Sarah McCrackenMay22, 1856. They had five children. After Sarah'd death, James marrried Tabitha Jane Young, June 1, 1871. The couple had six sons and four daughters. He enlisted as a private in Co. D, 87th IL Volunteers on Aug 18, 1862. He served three years recieved an honorable discharge at the end of the war, lacking one month before a promotion to 1st Lieutenant. He was an elder at the Cumberland Presbyterian ("The Brown") Church and for 42 years was School Treasurer for the Elm river Township. He died March 22, 1909. He is buried inthe Brown Cemetery.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Olney, 1988

Here are a couple of pictures taken in Late October, 1987. IThe first is Aunt Emma Jane, Grandma Shelton and Aunt Della. I drove the three sisters through Albion to Olney that day. The photo was taken behind an antique store in Olney. The ladies thought that the tree behind them was very pretty, so I got a picture of them in front of the tree. I remember that Aunt Emma Jane bought an old fashioned curling iron there. She remembered using a similar one as a girl. We stopped at a place that sold lawn ornaments that day and she also bought something for a flower bed - can't remember what it was for sure. The picture of the white squirrel was taken in the Olney Park. BTW, I saw a white squirrel today in Flora.

Apple Picking

This afternoon I took Grandma out to the old orchard to pick apples. I really hadn't planned on making cider this year,but I guess I will. I've done so every year since I moved here - this will be my sixth time. The apple trees were just loaded, too. Usually someone gets to them, but this year we had lots and lots of apples. Granddad planted the trees back in the early - mid 1970s. I know there were peach trees on the hill when we lived at the Bunnell home during the summer of 1974. Milt Smith, Graddad's cousin, now owns the land, but we still get apples every year. I suppose I should plant a couple of trees at Camp David in case he ever pulls these trees up.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oct 6 - George and Faye Block

My great-grandparents, George and Faye (Conard) Block were married 91 years ago on Oct 6, 1915. They were married 50 years, before George died in 1966. I fooled around a bit with this old photo on the computer - colorized and added a "painted" effect, which softened it a bit.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lunch at Sam Dale Lake

Here are two pictures I took this afternoon (Oct 3, 2006) at Sam Dale Lake. Grandma Shwleton and I met dad for lunch. Afterwards, I took Grandma for a drive through the country. We went through Rinard, walked around the Bunker Cemetery, drove by Camp David and on to the Brown. Then across the Butler Bridge where she told me funny story about "Greasy Irene." HaHa! She also caught a fish from that bridge (a huge carp) and went running to her father, who was workig in the field to the east. Willard bragged about that big old carp - really made her feel proud.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oct 1, 1905

My great-grandparents - Fred and Gracie (Bunnell) Smith were married 101 years ago on Sunday, October 1, 1905. Not sure if they were married by a minister or the J.O.P., nut 8Am on a Sunday seems mighty early to be showing up at anyone's house. Both Isaac Smith and Harve Bunnell are described as "prosperous farmer" in the 101 year old newspaper clipping to the left. My Granddad would have never used those two word in the same sentence!

Here are Fred and Gracie in their wedding clothes

50th Wedding niversary, 1955

57th Anniversary, 1962

60th - 1965