Sunday, October 15, 2006

Springfield - Oct 1977

These two pictures were taken in Springfield, IL on Saturday Oct 15, 1977. I can remember the date, because my favorite singer. Bing Crosby, had died the day before. Mom, Shari and I went up to Carlinvile, IL Friday evening to see Dad, who was working in a coal mine there. We went to New Salem and Springfield on Saturday. At New Salem, NBC was filming an Elizabeth Montogmery/ Hal Holbrook film called "The Awakening Land" (I've still never seen it, but would like to find a copy.)
The following day, we went to the Saint Louis Zoo. I think either Shari or Dad may have pictures of that excurion, but I don't. On Oct 15, 2002, I found myself living in St. Louis and I went back to the St. Louis Zoo - 25 years after my first visit. They have a new baby elephant now and I'd like to go back in the next couple of weeks and see him.
Back to Springfield - I have always been an avid reader of Lincoln-lore and am anxious to visit the new Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield (Any takers for a road trip??). I may go up there some snowy day this winter when there is nothing better to do outside.

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