Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Olney, 1988

Here are a couple of pictures taken in Late October, 1987. IThe first is Aunt Emma Jane, Grandma Shelton and Aunt Della. I drove the three sisters through Albion to Olney that day. The photo was taken behind an antique store in Olney. The ladies thought that the tree behind them was very pretty, so I got a picture of them in front of the tree. I remember that Aunt Emma Jane bought an old fashioned curling iron there. She remembered using a similar one as a girl. We stopped at a place that sold lawn ornaments that day and she also bought something for a flower bed - can't remember what it was for sure. The picture of the white squirrel was taken in the Olney Park. BTW, I saw a white squirrel today in Flora.

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