Monday, November 27, 2006

Lon Rogers - Nov 27

Nov 27, 1893 was the birthday of Alonzo "Lon" Rogers, the third child of Willard and Mattie Rogers. Lon married Ada Jane Shelton in 1910 and died in 1974.

Nov 27 - Jason Smith

Happy birthday to Jason Smith (1969).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back in Denver for a day

Here are a few pictures taken Nov 23-24, 2006. I jumped in the car Thursday morning just after midnight and was in Denver by 1PM. I looked over the town for an hour and then stopped in at Shari's for turkey. They were certainly surprised to see me - haha!
Here are a couple of pictures taken outside of Virgin Records at the Denver Pavillions on Friday afternoon.
This was taken after they lit the lights at the Denver Civic Center on Friday night. After a big dinner of sushi and kama at Japon, I ended the evening by singing a few songs at the Brown Palace Hotel - my old stomping ground.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Block Christmas - 1963

I guess it is time to start Christmas pictures. I have avoided putting any on this site until we are a little closer to the holidays, but there are so many, I think I had better get started.
This first set of photographs was taken Dec 25, 1963. Christmas Day at George and Faye Block's house. Seen in the pictures are Faye, Edith, Randall, Doris and Wanda, and a couple of grandkids.

Edith, Faye, Doris & Wanda

Wayne Smith
Bob Loveless

A Visit from Mom

Mom was in town recently and I got to have lunch with her, Dad and Bill & Janis. Here is a picture of me and my parents taken on Nov 10, 2006 after a meal at the Chinese Restaurant in Fairfield.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Company from Iowa - 1972

Here are some pictures from December, 1970. Shown are Aunt Della & Umncle George Schindler and Aunt Emma Jane and Uncle Irvin Wiebold visiting Grandma Shelton in Fairfield. They are taken from slides and have not been cropped yet.

Monday, November 13, 2006


This picture was taken in 1969 - me on my tricycle.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sandy Senter - Nov 11

Sandford "Sandy" Senter was my great-great-great-great-grandfather. He was born 190 years ago on Nov 11, 1816 in Sumner, TN. He was thr third of ten children born to Richard and Elizabeth (Hunt) Senter. Sandy married Mary Jones in Tennesee and the couple had seven children -Thomas, William, Nancy, Julia, John, Jane and Frances. The couple, along with Sandy's parents moved from Tennessee to Wayne County Illinois in about the 1850s. Theier daughter, Jane, was the mother of May (Wilson) Bunnell.
Sandy died March 24, 1888 in Wayne County. Shown in this post is the memorial card given out at his funeral. While I amnot certain of where he is buried, I can tell you that his parents, Richard and Elizabeth, are buried in the Bunker Cemetery at Rinard, and the stones are still there.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Summer Memories

Here is a picture taken last June at a BBQ at Dad's place. Although we were sitting around a fire, Grandma was cold so we draped her in a blanket. To her right is my step-mom Linda Shelton, and to her left is Aunt Janet, who treated us to her famous S'mores!

Earl Gibson

Here are some pictures taken in July of me and my friend Earl Gibson. Earl is a former member of the Ink Spots (1964 - 1972) He began singing professionally in 1940 and still sings every Sunday evening at Hammerstone's at 9th and Russell in St. Louis' Historic Soulard district. Earl alwyas has a bottle of Fitz's Root Beer in one hand and a cigar in the other.
Here is Earla nd my favoruite waitress, Jeaninne. Earl is a horrible flirt and sings especially for the ladies in the room.

Harry and Leone Shelton - 1967

Here is picture of Grandma and Grandpa Shelton taken in 1967. I am not sure where this was taken - any guesses? I don't think it was at 802 Delaware, unless it ws back by the garage on the SW corner of the house.

Granddad's Yard

This picture is a little blurry, but it was taken fromthe front window of Granddad and Grandma Smith's house in 1965. The tree was cut down in the early 1970s. Kind of a throw-away photo I guess, but I wanted to save it here.


Not sure where or when this was taken - maybe at Bill and Janis' place. Have to get Dad to look at it. I have seen that "grape plant" somewhere before - at Raymond's or Bill's house.

David at the Lake

This is a picture taken of me in April 2002 at Sam Dale lake, here in Wayne County. The park probably the prettiest part of Wayne County. I go walking out there every now and then, but would liketo go camping there someday.

Cailey Noone 2002

Here is a picture taken in 2002 of my cute little niece Cailey Noone. I made some popcorn this evening (burned the first batch, smoking up the entire kitchen) and it looks as if Cailey was enjoying a bag of popcorn as well that day! Hope she comes to Cisne soon!


Here are two pictures of Shari, taken 35 years apart. The first in Carmi, Illinois (1971) and the second in Cancuun, Mexico (2006).

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Iowa Corn Pickers

This picture was taken in the Fall of 1911. It is Ben Bloch, Willie block, Claude Stark and George Block. The photo was taken in Iowa and the guys had gone up there to pick corn. As you can see, they had a mountain of it.

Edith and Randall Block

Here is a photo of Edith and Randall Block, George and Faye block's two oldest children. I believe it was taken on the front porch of the Charles and Ollie Conard house about 1920.

Wanda and Doris

Here are two more block kids - Doris and Wanda. This picture, also fromthe 1930s, was taken by my Grandmother, Edith. Wanda is holding a kitten.

Randall Block & Charles Conard

Here is a picture of Randall Block, oldest son of George and Faye Block and Charles Roy Conard, son of Roy and Callie Conard. The second picture is just cropped from the first - Randall only. I suppose the picture was taken about 1920 or 1921. BTW, I know that Randall's daughter, Linda will be looking in here and want to remind her and everyone that this site only shows the last 100 posts. Older posts can still be viewed in the archives which go back to December, 2005. The archives are located near the top left of this page and are listed month by month. Also the photographs can be viewed larger by double clicking on them. they can be saved to your computer or even printed by right clicking the mouse.

Faye Block - 1930s

Here is a picture of Great-Grandma Block taken about 1934 - 36. I have her old rocker here at the house. It was kept in storage for many years and was in need of a good dose of wood oil. It looks a lot better now and gets used again. Grandma Smith told me that it was acquired when George and Faye set up housekeeping together in 1915.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nov 4 - Happy Birthday Teresa

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people, my cousin Teresa, shown here in 1970. Hope you are doing well and give me a call soon. We are over due for a visit.

Bryan Shelton 1908

Nov 4, 1908 was the birthday of Uncle Bryan Shelton. Bryan, named after his father's favorite politican, Willima Jenning s Bryan, was the oldest son of Wayne and Bertha Shelton. Bryan became a good friend to me after I moved to Illinois in 2001, visiting nearly everyday (sometimes two or three times). He died 2002. This photo, by the way, was taken July4, 1928 in Farifield.