Monday, April 02, 2007

Multi-generational pictures

This post contains some pictures of four and five generations in our family. The first was taken in 1942. L-R is Charles Conard II, Janis Conard, being held by grandpa Roy Conard, and Great-Grandpa Charles Conard. The elder Charles Conard died that December att the age of 79.

The next photo was taken in Jan. 2005. L-R Standing are Bill Shelton, Teresa Hill, daughter Lisa and Great-Great Grandma Leone Shelton holding little Dillon who was born on his great-great grandma's 90th birthday.
The final photo is five generations from Velma Mathes, daughter Pearl Bundy, grandson Dennis Bundy, great drandaughter Shawna Copodice and great-great grandaughter Madison Lea Copodice. Velma was the daughter of Arra (Best) Morlan, and married firs to John G. Cunningham, who died in 1942, then to Jake Mathes brother Dan Mathes.