Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowen!

Oct 1969

October 1977

These pictures were taken thirty years ago - on Oct 15 (Springfield IL) and Oct 16 (St. Louis). I remember the weekend very well for two reasons - it was my first trip to either Springfield or StL and my favorite singer (Bing Crosby) had just died. The first picture is Shari with some oxen at New Salem, Saturday morning. We ate lunch at a Hardees and then saw Lincoln's home and tomb in Springfield that afternoon. Elizabeth Montgomery and Hal Holbrook were filing in New Salem while we were there. The film was a made for TV movie called "The Awakening Land"

Sunday we wpent in St. Louis we saw the arch (although it would be another 25 years before I would get to go to the top.), the riverfront and the zoo.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Back

It seems like forever since I have made a post here, but it has been a bad month for me and computers. My computer in St. Louis bit the dust about a month ago and I have only been online a little bit. I am using a laptop which I hate, but will try and get back on track here. I must admit that the little break was really great - I needed to step away for awhile, but will be back regularly now. Here is a picture taken last Tuesday around noon of my Grandma Shelton, Dad & Linda and me. This last picture was taken later that afternoon in my living room at Camp David. It's a little blurry, but that probably helps!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Cook School c. 1910

Here is a group of schol kids at Cook school about 1910 - 1913. I belive I was able to find great Grandma Faye (Conard) Block in the picture, but what do you think? The blow up is taken from just top the right of the tree in the right third of the picture.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some advice for my father

Dad -
Here is a bit of advice I thought you could use-
This is a skunkThis is not:

Now, here are the top ten differences between a skunk and a chicken:

10. One smells like fowl, the other smells foul.

09. When you shoot a skunk three times, you don't get nearly as many feathers scattered around the barnyard.

08. No one ever took the kids out for Kentucky Fried Skunk

07. Your wife tends not to shed as many tears when you shoot a skunk.

06. You'll get more eggs if you don't shoot the chicken.

05. No one ever "counts their skunks before they're hatched"

04. Skunk isn't "finger licken' good"

03. You can kill a skunk with one bullet, while a chicken apparently takes three.

02. Tyson Frozen Skunk doesn't sell as well as their other delicious products

01. One is a smelly animal you find in rural areas, the other is a skunk.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conard children

This picture was taken in the late 1940s of Loren, Reba, Janis and Joyce Conard.

Oct 1979

Here is a picture of Delbert Patridge and Irvin Wiebold taken in Iowa on Oct 16, 1979. Grandma and Delbert were making a long roadtrip to the northwest US. Grandma always liked this picture.

25 years ago.

Here is my father Oct, 1982, broken down near Bailey, Colorado. I'm guessing he was not in a good mood at the time.

30 years ago

Oct 1977 - Grandma Shelton in front of her home at 802 W. Delaware. I noticed two weeks ago that whoever owns the house now pulled out the carpet that Grandma put in the kitchen about 1977 or 78. I, of course, snapped a picture - ha ha!

40 years ago

This picture was taken of Uncle Raymond's three oldest - Raymond, Janie and Jill at the Garden of the Gods in Southern IL, late summer, 1967.

Monday, October 01, 2007

45 years ago

Here is a picture Kelly, Karel, Max, Wayne,Rex, and LexSmith taken Oct 1, 1962.