Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some advice for my father

Dad -
Here is a bit of advice I thought you could use-
This is a skunkThis is not:

Now, here are the top ten differences between a skunk and a chicken:

10. One smells like fowl, the other smells foul.

09. When you shoot a skunk three times, you don't get nearly as many feathers scattered around the barnyard.

08. No one ever took the kids out for Kentucky Fried Skunk

07. Your wife tends not to shed as many tears when you shoot a skunk.

06. You'll get more eggs if you don't shoot the chicken.

05. No one ever "counts their skunks before they're hatched"

04. Skunk isn't "finger licken' good"

03. You can kill a skunk with one bullet, while a chicken apparently takes three.

02. Tyson Frozen Skunk doesn't sell as well as their other delicious products

01. One is a smelly animal you find in rural areas, the other is a skunk.

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