Monday, October 23, 2006

Guess What's Just Around the Corner

You probably haven't noticed, BUT...
I have made an effort not to post any out of season pictures - in other words, no Christmas trees in July! However - tonight I was looking through the 1967 picture file on the computer and ran across some photos that Grandpa Shelton took in Fairfield, Dec, 1967. Looks very, very cold, doesn't it? Now, this could be Fairfield in just 40 days.
I just added a new fireplace to the mix here at Camp David, which has for years been the coldest spot in Wayne County. I am now looking forward to being a little warmer this year. We'll see...
I know my friends in Colorado have already had to dig their snow shovels out of the back of the garage. Well, here is a bit of advice to those who are dreading the cold weather and can't escape to Winter Haven, Florida like some of my favorite people can. I always let the snow get me in the mood for the holidays. Then after the New Year, I know that March is only two short months away. Well, it works for me.
BTW, the first photo is Grandpa nd grandma's house in Fairfield, The second photo is Grandma Shelton (not sure of the location) and third photo was taken at Leo French Park in Fairfield.

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RANDY said...

AH but with the good old Colorado weather snow one day and high 50's to low 60's for the weekend. Got to love that. RANDY