Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stomach Trouble

This picture was taken at the wedding of a good friend of mine in ab out 1994. The wedding was at a ranch somewhere in the mountains above Evergreen, Colorado. I was a groomsman and during the service, which took place in a very small chapel, my stomach started to growl. It didn't just growl - it howled, moaned and churned Big Time! Well, the best man started to hold back his laughter which only caused me to start to get red faced as the minister told of the sanctity of the bonds of marraige. George Carlin once remarked that the best laughter was suppressed laughter ("like when your kneeling in front of a casket"). The best man's mother and mine were both glaring at us, although the groom's mom was real cool about it. The more I tried not to laugh, the more my stomach gurggled. Well.... God Bless the minister. He realized our predicament and told a humourous anecdote - thus allowing a release for everyone. I saw the groom last February when I was in Colorado and we had a big laugh over the whole thing.

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