Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Isaac's Pond

Here are two images taken from slides (which I really need to lighten) of a baptism in Granddad Smith's pond. The photos were taken in 1966. I can see Grandma Smith with the group at the edge of the pond, bible in hand. I assume David Shores in doing the dunking, but would like someone else to verify this. Any other guesses to who is inthe picture??? BTW, I introduced myself to David Shores after Rollie's funeral this week - hadn't seen him for 30 years.


Ruthy said...

David wished I could see this closer I was baptisted in 1966 after May in Isaac's pond. I might be in these pictures. I will copy and blow it up some. I trying to click on it but it didn't enlarge.

Ruthy said...

Dave, I believe that might be me in the blue top and hot pinkish culot skirt. I know I wore a pinkish culot that day. A storm was coming up from the North west lightening and my mother had told me in the past about a group of people being baptisted and was stuck by lightening ----so I was watching the sky a lot. If this is that baptism --Lloyd Crain was the minister at that time. Vickie Gregory & Rita Stark was also baptisted that time.

Ruthy said...

Correction Me again--- not sure about Rita Stark being baptisted at that time but do know Vickie was and it looks like her behind me and she was. Ruthy