Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This picture recalls a lot of great times. Early 1972 (probably Easter time). Janie and Jill Shelton are standing behind us. Jennifer and I are the middle kids and baby Shari is peaking around my right arm. I'm not sure why I am standing around in boxer shorts - haha! All I am missing are sock supports!!! Well the girls look good anyways. I think Bills were in the Phillipines about this time. Notice Grandpa's 1964 Impala is in the background. Remember the little yellow sheds? What were they used for?


Raymond Shelton said...

1. The little yellow sheds were a leftover from the asphalt plant that located between dad & mom's property and the B&O railroad tracks.
2. Mom & dad traded the Impala in on a new 72 buick and I, in turn, then purchased it from Absher's in Carmi about month later. It had aprox 40,000 miles at time. I drove it until body rotted out and it had 165,000 miles at time.
3. Wonder where Jr. was at time??

Raymond Shelton said...

4. "Supporters" was the name used for those wonderful things that held up men's socks.