Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tres Brothers

I'm not sure of anything about this picture except who is in it - Bill, Raymond and David Shelton.
Uncle Raymond, do you remember if it was before or after Dad left for Japan? Thought the cousins might like to see it. I'm sure it is 1960 - 65, but that's all.


Raymond Shelton said...

I looked for clues as to age of picture but not sure. Would venture guess it was before he went to Japan.
As for the strained look on my face..............look at little brother's right hand.

Dave said...

I'd say there was a goose in the barnyard - haha! Well, Dad always did have a finger on the situation at hand.

Anonymous said...

Bill has the same look on his face only no one has their hand on his butt. Shari