Saturday, December 31, 2005

Harve and May Bunnell 1886

Here is the earliest picture I have of Harve and May Bunnell, taken shortly after their marriage in 1886. Harve and May, whose house is shown in an earlier post, lived just north of that house from the time they married, until 1898 - when the second house was built. When they moved into the new house, May moved a rose bush down to the new house. Many years later, my grandmother, Edith Smith, took a start from that bush and it bloomed for many years. Before Granddad and Grandma moved, I took a couple of starts off Grandma's and I have gotten rose blooms every year from it. It is the most fragerant rose I have ever smelled - not at all like the new roses. May Bunnell would be proud to know that her roses are still blooming over 100 years after she planted them.
The second picture was taken at the Bunnell home on the occasion of Harve and May's 50th wedding anniversery in 1939. May died in 1939 and Harve in 1943.

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