Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Bunnell Home

This house was built by my great- great grandfather in 1898. He paid the carpenter $1 a day. This picture was taken in the 1930s. I lived in the house in 1974. My room is the downstairs window, just to the right of the porch. I remember my first tooth being pulled in that room by my father. You never heard a kid scream so much. the next time I had a tooth pulled, it was by my Uncle Raymond. He was much gentler than Dad had been!
Mom wouldn't allow us to go out on the upper balcony. I guess she was afraid the bannister would break or we would try to jump. That summer Granddad let me raise some pigs which were kept north of the house. I think it was a litter of thirteen. My sister and I used to ride our bikes up and down the road in front of the house. Granddad and Grandma smith had a peach orchard south of the house on a hill and Grandma STILL tells of the time that my sister Shari, who was five, road her bike clear up to the orchard - just to "see what was going on." That was a fun summer.


Shari Walsh said...

That was a fun summer- don't forget that one of the pigs was a runt and we raised it with the dogs. His name was Roscoe and we loved him! One day Rosecoe was gone and Dad teased us that we were eating him for dinner- not good news for a 4 year old!

Dave said...

I think Dad found Roscoe on the side of the road somewhere. He wasn't one of Granddad's. We had him for awhile at Carmi and when he got to big he went to live with Granddad's pigs on the farm. I think he later bacame quite attatched to a spider who attempted to save his life, but I may be mixing up my stories here.