Friday, December 30, 2005

Isaac & Edith

Grandma Smith gave me these two pictures some time back. They were taken in the mid 1970s at their home near Rinard. Granddad and Grandma were married in 1939. They first lived with Granddad's Granddad Bunnell, Harvey, who had just become a widower. The following year they moved to the Rinard corner on the Blue Mound road and lived there til jsut after the birth of their twins. Then, in 1942 they moved down the Blue Mound to just south of the jog. Isaac's Great Grandfather Senneca Bunnell had owned the farm 80 years prior and I believe that many of the bunnell children (Harvey'sbrothers and sisters) were born there. In 1959, Granddad built a new house adn he and Grandma lived there until 2003, when they moved to Flora, due to Granddad's declining health.

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