Thursday, December 29, 2005

Isaac Smith

The old couple you see are Isaac and Emma Smith, my great-great grandparents. Isaac was born in 1832 and fought in the Union army during the Civil War in Company D of the Seventh Reg. of the West Virginia Infantry. He was at Gettysburg and served for three years and eight months. He was a skilled woodsman and at the time of he construction of he B&O Railroad through Wayne County, Isaac had the contract for furnishing ties for a certain part of it. He held the local record for the greatest number of ties hewn from the treein a single day - being able to hew 100 ties a day. Isaac died at the age of 93 years and one day.
I'm not sure who the little girl is on his lap, probably a grand-daughter. The picture behind them is of Archibald and Mary Hanson Smith, both born in Ireland in the 1790s and immigrated to this country as young adults.

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