Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Claus

That's Shari telling Santa what she wants for Christmas. The photo taken 12-25-1991. The part ofPapa Santa Claus was played by John Shelton.

Here is another Santa Claus (yours truly) seen at the Brown Palace Hotel in Dnever Colorado about 1994, singing and handing out oranges and apples. He probably had been hitting the egg nog by that point - haha! No one knew who Santa was until he sang Bert Williams' song "Nobody."

This Santa is a Baby Santa - Cameron Noone, photo taken at my Mom's house on Dec 25, 1991.
I don't know who played Santa here, but that is little Keegan Walsh, my nephew, on Santa's lap last week. He practiced and practiced what he was going to ask for and then when the big moment came....forgot and got very quiet. Santa had to coach him along. It's OK, Keegan, I was always scared of Santa, too.

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