Monday, December 18, 2006

Dec 18 Margaret (Losh) Shelton

Margaret (Losh) Shelton was born to Adam and Elizabeth Losh in Lima, Ohio on Dec 18, 1840. The Loshes were of German descent and according to her grandson Bryan Shelton, Margaret spoke with a German dialect. She lived as a girl in Muncie, Indiana before her father, a Primitive Baptist minsiter relocated to Wayne County, Illinois.
She was married by her father to William R. Shelton in1859. The couple had ten children, but only six survived until adulthood. After the death of William in 1885, Margaret remarried about 1890 to Allen Runyon. He died in the late 1890s, when a steam engine he was working on blew up. Margaret lived with her son Wayne and his family until her death on Sep 27, 1930.
This picture was taken towards the end of her life. Her grandsons sat the jug on the chair next to her as a joke.

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