Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Here aer some pictures I took yesterday, December 25, 2006. the first is dinner at Bob and Doris Bozarth's house - Christmas day tradition for me. L-R is Katlyn and Barbara Bozarth, Grandma (Edith) Smith, Doris, Jared, Bob, Brandon, Mike and Tyler Bozarth and Wanda Loveless.
Doris and Wanda had prepared a GREAT dinner - I had seconds before moving on to Aunt Wanda's famous sugar cookies
Before I left, Katlyn snapped a picture of me and Grandma.

Next was a stop at Dad's place, where Grandma Shelton wzas visiting for Christmas dinner. Linda is a great cook, so I missed out on a wonderful meal, I guess. Grandma was going on about how great the yams were.
Grandma hitched a ride back to Fairfield with me. It had been raining all day and the water was rising in the bottoms, so we went the scenic route - if you consider Mt. Erie scenic. Grandma recently moved to Brookstone Estates in Fairfield, so visited a bit with her when we got there before continuing to Bill and Janis Shelton's place where I had some great snacks, coffee and I gave them a guided tour of my external drive, looking at dozens of old pictures and picking out a few old songs to play, too. Hope Santa was good to everyone and your Christmas was the best ever!

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