Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Story of Goober and the Little Green Men

I'm wondering if Raymond or Bill will remember this. I'm not sure if Dad was still in Japan when it happened, but am sure they all heard about it at the time. By the way - after I read this, I had to wonder if I have ever heard ANYONE describe ANYTHING as "about the size of a washtub." Ha!
Me thinks Cledus was hitting the hooch that evening. Just goes to show - Jack Daniels and Moonpies don't mix... Click on this link to read the story :

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Raymond Shelton said...

Remember it well. Made front page in W.C. Press and was talk of town for several days. I was working at Keen-Norris W.P. store and most customers had varied comments. Did seem a bit strange that several people saw same thing.