Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Don't Miss This!

Recently, Aunt Janet joked about people taking our photos off this website and circulating them in hopes of making $$ off our glorious images.
Well... I regret to inform you that it has happened....

Click here: http://redneck414.tripod.com/

BTW - this kept me in stitches - let me know what you think. : )


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's truly amazing how visitors arrive at my silly little "redneck" site and where it's linked from. Yes, I'm the guy who put it together from a bunch of loose and generally unrelated pictures and Jeff Faxworthy one-liners but have yet to make a single $ out of it.
At least I've found the perfect cuppa (in Berlin, of all places).

PS: Nice blog, too.

Dave said...

Your site is a riot! My sides hurt by the time I was through reading it. I had to link it to this blog as I am showing old family pictures. I'm sure my family will enjoy it too.

PS - I can't find a way to make a cent off of mine either - ha!