Sunday, March 26, 2006

Grandma Shelton - 1984

Good lord - well I was thin once. This is 22 years ago - about August, 1984. Taken in Grandma Shelton's backyard at 802 Delaware. I had come back to Wayne County for six weeks, helped Granddad Smith a bit on the farm, learned to drive a tractor and had a great time running around in Granddad's El Camino.

BTW, I stopped by to see Grandma this past Wednesday around 1:00. I had picked up two shakes from Dairy Queen, so when she answered the door I asked her "Chocolate or Vanilla?" (she had chocolate). I had only planned on staying for an hour or so, but wound up visiting for about three and a half hours and then took her to Geff (with a quick Detour to Cisne) for supper. It was a great day.

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