Friday, March 17, 2006

Camp David

Most everyone reading this site has been to Camp David, I guess, but I think I may have a cousin or two that hasn't. This is where I spend my weekends in Cisne. I guess the picture was taken about '02 or '03. When I moved in, there had been no major renevations since the early 1970s - yes everything was orange and green and brown. In the 1960s Paul Shelton's family rented the farm . In 1972 my Granddad Smith bought the 160 acres and rented the house. I think the last going rate (in the 1990s) was $75/month.
I have done a little fixing up here and tere - mostly cosmetic (new wallpaper, light fixtures, a new well house, and I am a slave every summer top the lawn.) A couple of years ago, Karen Watson (Paul's daughter) asked me - is that house still as cold in the Winter as it used to be?" I thought, "And then some..." Getting in from St. Louis late on a December night when it is 25 degrees outside and the Edison Electric baseboard heaters have been on low all week is always a big thrill. Thank Heaven for electric blankets - ha! This year, with a little carpentry help from Dad, I would like to put in two ventless fireplaces. That should make a big difference.
Moving to a small community and into this house has been an interesting experience for this city boy. At times, while I work out the kinks, it is a lot like glorified camping (complete with skeeters in the summertime) - thus the moniker "Camp David." But the best part of my week is Monday night when I get off of work and can get out there for a couple of days (Tues-Wed are my weekends). Hope everyone will come by for a visit - you are all always welcome!

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