Friday, March 10, 2006

1962 Block Reunion

Ruthie -Maybe you can help identify everyone in this picture, taken in Flora, 1962

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R Kunce said...

Yes Dave I can-- Back row is: Doris Bozarth, Wanda Block, girl: Donna Block(Carroll's Dau.), Nadine Brown,Hazel & Peggy Smith, Esther Harrell(my dad's sister),Edith Smith & Barbara Block (Jackie's wife) Front right is: (Me) Ruth Ann Block, Aunt Emma Sherman, Bertha Stahlman, Aunt Ethel Block, Sue Block (Carrol's dau), Aunt Faye Block. Next picture Emma & Bertha . Bottom: Jackie , Barbara and son think: Bob Bozarth & Glen Block,(My Dad) John Howard Block in center, Isaac, back to us ?? , Robert Smith