Monday, August 13, 2007

I Missed It!

A week ago Saturday I had a hallacious night at work. I won't go into details but the furthest thing from my mind was the onard reunion in Cisne the folloowing day. I finally remembered it - two days ago - haha! Well, after 40 that's what happens. Here is a great picture from about 1925 of the Conard reunion. Widower John Block is to the extreme left inthe picture, Ollie Conard is in the black dress (shoe wore a lot of those), Ferne (Bullard) and Grandma Edith Smith are standing next to Ollie Faye Block is holding Gerald in the front row... If you Conards and Blocks click on the picture it will enlarge and I',m sure you can pick out even more names and faces. I am assuming that these reunions were held at Charles and Ollie's house in those days.

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