Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cisne High School 1919

HEre is a group of unknown peolpe. The picture was taken at Cisne High School in late 1919 (Class of 1920). I found this picture on the Internet, but there were no names. Does anyone look familiar? The kids would have been born around 1902-04.


Mark Shelton said...

Would Cisne High School have a year book or some kind of record with the names of these people.

Dave said...

Mark - I am not sure when Cisne started putting out yearbooks - I need to check with Judith Puckett - she might know. Also, Cisne had no Senior class until much later than this - you had to go to Flora for the final year of high school. I will be in Wayne County this Mon and may do a little research on this photo while I am there.