Friday, August 10, 2007

Harvey Thomas Bunnell Aug 10

Aug 10, 1860 is the birthday of Harve Bunnell - my great-great granddad. He was the son of Senneca and Amanda Chaney Bunnell. I'll dispense withthe usual bio info as I have repeated it more than oncve on this same site, but I will tell you that his wife May died on Apr20, 1939. My Grandma and Granddad Smith (Harve's Grandson) married exactly one month later. It was decided that they would move in with the 79 year old Harve. They slept in the summer kitchen (Iva kept a living space upstairs for her visits and Harve slept in the NW bedroom, for those familiar withthe house. They stayed there until Grandma became pregnant and then moved up the Rinard crossroads where Uncle Wayne and mom were born. I don't know if Grandma enjoyed the year inthe Bunnell house or not. She told me that when the preacher would come to Bluepoint (there was no parsonage then) Harve would invite the minister to Sunday dinner saying, "It's no trouble for Edith to cook." Grandma cooked by I don't think she enjoyed being volunteered like that!
The picture below is of Harve and May Bunnell and their four youngest children - Gracie, Justin, Elver and Iva (l-r) . Gracie was born in 1888 so I am guessing this picture was taken about 1901 or 02. Their oldest son Merritt (se Aug 3 entry) died in December, 1900 at the age of 13. This event may have caused the Bunnells to sit for their first (and only) professional family portrait.

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