Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bunnell Family Pic

This isn't a very good picture - kind of dark - taken in the 1920s of the HArvey Bunnell Family. Harve and May are seated in front of their four children (Gracie, Elver, Justin and Iva). Two children died young - Merritt and Edith. To get a better look at this picture, click on it to enlarge it. It was taken in the gront yard of the Bunnell home, which had a picket fence running the length of the yard at that time. Over Gracie's shoulder, top the East, you can see the property where the Favertys lived. I can remember when the tree over Iva's shoulder was a huge tree and a great source of shade. It is now gone, I think. If you look on the ground in the right side of the picture, you'll see that one of the men took their hat off and laid it on a concrete slab before the picture was taken.

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