Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to School

With school starting this week, I thought I would put a couple of old school items here.

Here is a picture that Ruth Ann sent me of the Blue Point School circa 1933-35. Top Row: Robert Smith, Rollie smith, Kenneth McDaniel, Mildred Bunnell - teacher, Jean Bunnell, Marie Stark, Kathern Williams, Rosa Bell Spitzner, Elma Conard

Second Row: Howard Block, Bob Williams, Glen McDaniel, John Stark, Bill Bennett, Barbara Spitzner, Mary Conard, Vera Williams, Eileen Conard, Frances Mitchell

Front Row: Gene Stark, Marvin Mitchell, Ivan Conard, Ruby Spitzner.

This was taken in Aug 1981 - my first day at Highland High School. Highland has since been renamed Skyview High School.

This is Gracie Bunnel's report card dated Jan 27,1897. AS you can see she was practicing her penmanship on the reverse side. May or Harve probably wrote the first name and then Gracie copied it.

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