Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frank Charles Bunnell

I am pulling this post out of my hat. It was icy cold Monday and I spent the day huddled next to the fireplace, basking in the glow of a TV screen (my own M*A*S*H marathon) and hastily left early Tuesday afternoon - forgetting to pack up my external hard drive (and some 12,000 photos). Anyway here is a bit of history about a well known member of the Bunnell Family.
The fifth cousin of my great -great -great Grandpa - Seneca Bunnell was Frank Charles Bunnell. This would make him my fifth cousin five times removed
(We are both descended from Benjamin and Ann (Wilmot) Bunnell . He was the son of James Bunnell born Mar. 9, 1842 Frank enlisted in the 52nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered in as a Sergeant in Company B on September 20, 1861. On March 1, 1862 he was promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant of the regiment, a duty he performed until he was discharged due to disability on April 2, 1863. He became a successful banker, and made an unsuccessful Congressional run in 1872. However, late that year Congressman Ulysses Mercer resigned his seat to become a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, and Frank Bunnell was appointed to fill the vacancy. He represented Pennsylvania’s 13th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from December 14, 1872 to March 3, 1872, when the duly-elected Congressman James Dale Strawbridge was sworn in. Returning home, he served in local political offices until 1884, when he was elected was a Republican to represent Pennsylvania’s 15th District in the United States House of Representatives. He served from March 4, 1844 to March 3, 1888, and did not run again for election after serving two terms (his seat was subsequently filled by Congressman Myron Benjamin Wright). He passes away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept 11, 1911 at the age of 69.

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