Monday, December 10, 2007

Fairfield's First Automobile

The date is lost for this clipping form the Waynce Coutny Press - c.1900-1905. I found this clipping on the internet. The photo does not depict the photo implied in the4 atrticle, but merely an auto of the period - a 1905 Oldsmobile - the model that won the first cross country race and was the inspiration for the 1905 Gus Edwards song hit (recorded by my favorite pioneer singer Billy Murray) "In My Merry Oldsmobile".

Fairfield's First Automobile
John Gaddis and son, Jacob Gaddis, enjoy the distinction of being the first of our citizens to invest in an automobile. It was bought in St. Louis, and was brought out by a representative of the house last week. Brief stops were made at Nashville, Centralia and Mt. Verson, and the machine exhibited to prospective buyers. It cost $725, and is the "run about" size and pattern.
The Gaddis families enjoyed numerous spins Saturday and Sunday and Monday morning John and Jake Gaddis went to Salem, where they have a mill, returning Tuesday morning. Both trips were made in about five hours, which is almost as quickly as it can be made by rail, via Flora, including the stop of thirty minutes or more at the last named place which must be made in going by rail.
The automobile trip could be made in faster time by the automobile were it not for the stops rendered necessary by frightened teams along the road. Many horses that are not afraid of trains or anything else, frighten badly at the sight of an automobile, and the slight chucking noise made by the gasoline motor, while other horses pay no attention to it. The Messrs. Gaddis will use all precaution possible, but it is well for our people to be a little on the guard until they see how their horses take to the "horseless"carriage.
Many of those who have used the automobile think it is great sport, and it probably only remains for the manufacturers to get them down more reasonable figures to insure their general introduction.

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