Monday, July 09, 2007

First Independence Day Party!

We had a great Indepencdence Day BBQ out at Camp David the evening of July 3. Guests included Mom, sister Shari and kids, Dad and Lynda, Bill and Janis Shleton, John and Chantel Shelton and kids, Mark and Katie Shelton and Timber, Richard and Kathy Young and Mike Haynes. I guess about 20 peolpe were there. Everyone brought a little somthing to eat - I hope no one left hungry. Mark and I set off a bunch of fireworks at sundown. The last one was a series of 16 rockets that shot up in the air. The very last rocket went haywire and instead of shooting skyward, it headed straight for the brushpile, catching it ablaze. I had intended on starting it on fire anyway. People cheered - we couldn't have had a better ending.
We hadn't had the fire going for even an hour when I went to the backyard for another Coke and saw that someone was leaving. This was around 11 o'clock and the backyard was very, very dark. Tiki torches must have been out back there, I guess. Anyhow I did a dead run to catch up to say goodbye and ran square into the clothesline pole, recieving a two and a half inch gash on the top of my head. Uncle Bill called an ambulance and I went to Fairfield Memorial to get by head looked at - some say I should have done that a long time ago! They stapled me up in the ER and sent me home. Shari snapped a picture (she should work for the National Enquirer)!
I plsn on making this an annual event - 'cept for the head injuries! Hope you all can make it next year!

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Mark Shelton said...

As well as that brush pile was burning I'm a little surprised that it didn't light the back yard up as well. But, I guess a bat without it's sonar capabilities would have done the same thing. HA HA