Sunday, May 28, 2006

Seneca and Amanda Bunnell

This is a picture of Harvey Bunnell's parents - Seneca and Amanda (Chaney) Bunnell Seneca was born in 1825 to Noah and Catherine (Conley) Bunnell and died in 1891. Amanda was born in 1831 to James and Ann (Wilikinson) Chaney. She only lived until 1875 - although she certainly looks a lot older than 44 in this picture. Seneca and Amanda lived in a log home that later (after many renovations) became the house in which my Mom grew up. Seneca and Amnada both died in Wayne county, but I am not sure where they are buried. They either never had a tombstone or it has gone missing over the years. Granddad didn't know where they were buried, but I am guessing it might have either been in Johnsonville, or the old Stine Cemetery.

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