Monday, January 09, 2006

Gracie or Catherine Bunnell?

You'll want to click on this picture for a better view. Three of these pictures are of Gracie Bunnell (Smith). The girl in the upper right hand corner I have not identified as Gracie, although I am sure it is. It is taken (as they all are) from a larger picture - shown below. The girl is with a younger boy. If this is Gracie then the boy might either be Elver (two years younger than Gracie) or Justin (Six years younger). The confusion lies in the reverse of the picture. "Howard Bunnell" is written across the back. This may be because the picture was given to him or because perhaps he isthe boy inthe picture. Howard (born 1873) was a brother to Harvey and the youngest child of Seneca and Amanda Bunnell. He had an older sister, Harriet Catherine Bunnell, born 1867 - making her six years older. So - is this Howard and Catherine OR Gracie and Elver or Justin. Granddad wasn't sure, but thought it was his mother.

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