Monday, January 30, 2006

George Block's House

Ruth this is for you. The first picture was taken around 1933. The two little girls are Doris & Wanda. George and Faye Block are standing in the background. Grandma tells me that this is the house she was born in (1917). Later George Block built the house in the next picture on the same property as the first house and, as you can see, he was keeping chickens around (maybe in?) the old house. The third picture is of George, Faye and Edith Block, probaby taken in 1918 on the porch of the new house. I will show the picture that you sent me to Grandma this week - maybe she can shed some light on it. Grandma has told me more than once tha t after her Grandma block (Margaret) died in 1924, John moved in with them until his death. She remembers John and his sisters (who would they be?) sitting on the front lawn speaking in German.

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