Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lon Rogers Family

Had a comment this week left by some of Lon Rogers family. Thought they might enjoy seeing a few of the pictures I have of Lon, Ada and kids. Lon is a brother to my grandma Shelton and Ada was a cousin to my great-grandpa Shelton. BTW, my contact information is


Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks so much for putting all this together. From one of your Iowa cousins, Jeanie Gardner Lehnst, daughter of Nadine Rogers Gardner, granddaughter of Lon and Ada Rogers. Ronnie Wieblod sent me this link and I'm sure glad he did! BTW Aunt Bill (Elma Faye) Rogers Smith just celebrated her 91st birthday September 14th and is dong great. I guess longevity is on our side!

Dave said...

Glad you liked the website - Don't forget to dig around through the archives for more photos