Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Walt Disney

This is a something new I'd like to try - ahowing you how we are related to various famous people. I will list a common ancestor of a close relative of mine and then list ancestors back to the common ancestor of a famous person. The first is....

Walt Disney (1901 - 1966)

COMMON ANCESTOR Joan Clarke Peake(1578- ?)

Our Ancestors - - - - - - - - - - ------------- Walt's Ancestors

Mary Elizabeth Peake Waters(1654-1697) --Christopher Peake(1605-1666)
Mary Elizabeth Overton(1673-1734)- - - - Jonathan Peake(1637-1700)
Dina Anderson(1707-1769) - - - - - - - - - Jonathan Peake(1663-1744)
Christopher Hunt(1728-1781) - - - - - - - Abigail Peake(1700-1766)
James Hunt(1765-1851) - - - - - - - - - - Moses Johnson(1737-1815)
Elizabeth Hunt(1789-1873) - - - - - - - -Fanny Johnson(1764-1801)
Sanford "Sandy" Senter (1816-1888) - - Eber Call(1791-1864)
Jane Senter(1849-1873)- - - - - - - - - - Charles Call(1822-1890)
Mary Ethel Wilson(1867-1939) - - - - - -Flora Call(1868-1938)
Gracie Arminta Bunnell(1888-1967)- - - Walt Disney(1901-1966)

Gracie A. (Bunnell) Smith was a ninth cousin to the creator of Mickey Mouse. This would make me a 9th cousin, three times removed.


Anonymous said...

So do you think you can get some free tickets to Disney Land! RANDY

Dave said...

Hey Randy!
How 'bout a ride on a tractor with one of the local farmers near Camp David!
That reminds me...A ventriloquist was driving through the midwest when his car broke down. He walked a ways and found a farmer who would let him use his phone. Well, the farmer seemed to be a real stereotypical rural type, so the ventriloquist thought it would be possible to have some fun with him. The farmer began to lead him back to the house.

Along the way, they passed a horse. The ventriloquist said to the farmer, "Is this your horse?" The farmer replied, "Yep." The ventriloquist asked, "Can he talk?" The farmer said, "Nope." The ventriloquist then said to the horse, "So, how do you like it here?" He then threw his voice, and said in a horse-like voice, "Oh, it's pretty good. Every morning the farmer feeds me oats." Upon hearing this the farmer was startled and quickened his pace.

Soon they came to a cow. The ventriloquist asked, "Is this your cow?" and the farmer replied, "Yep." He then asked, "Does it talk?" and the farmer replied, "I..I don't think so." The ventriloquist asked the cow, "How do you like it here?" and threw his voice again. In a cow-like voice, he said, "Oh, I like it just fine. Every morning the farmer comes and milks me." Upon hearing this, the farmer squirmed. He looked down at the ground and continued walking.

Soon they came to some sheep. The ventriloquist asked, "Are these your sheep?" and the farmer replied, "Yep." He then asked, "Do they talk?" and the farmer exclaimed, "Yes...but they lie"

Have a great week Randy! Hope to see you this summer

Anonymous said...

I'll take that tractor ride. We are still planning on being back your way aorund the 7th of July Can not wait to see the Cards play in St. Louis. RANDY

Dave said...

Randy -
Do you have tickets to a game yet? If not - let me know - I would be happy to go down and take car of things for you at Busch Stadium. Hope you have set aside a day that I can take you all to Marion for a "Gangster Day!" HA! I'm sure Dad would love to throw you a BBQ too if uit fits into yopur plans. Let me know what you need or would like to see happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi David, curious! when you state our common ancestor are you referring to the Sheltons or your other side of family. I am still trying to connect Flora Call to Gracie Burnell.