Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More about the Bunnells

Interesting Facts(?), Bonnel/Bunnell LIST

Disclaimer: I am not insinuating that any of these folks/etc. are related,only that they are fortunate to have the same surname.

1. The BONNELL name has also been spelled as: Bonnel, Bunnell, and Bunnel when referring to the SAME people in old census lists and documents!
2.The name may have originated from French "Buenells".
3.The SOUNDEX Code for BONNELL is B540 (Buenells is B542).
4.There were 2 Bonnell's as 1st class passengers aboard the RMS TITANIC - fortunately, they were also survivors: Miss Elizabeth Bonnell and her niece Miss Caroline Bonnell.
5.The OLDEST house in Elizabeth, NJ, is the Nathaniel Bonnell House, at 1045 East Jersey Street, erected before 1682 by Bonnell, a French Huguenot. (Look under: Places To See, Historical Sites in Elizabeth)
6.There was a BONNELL on the "Hollywood Squares" TV show in August 1972.
7.Heard about the The Face on Mars? There is a Jerry T. Bonnell associated with NASA that has!
8.If you ever visit Austin, TX, stop by Mount Bonnell.
9.A USGenWeb Archive of the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA has some BONNELLs listed as church members (1838: Abraham, Lydia H., Catherine, & Rachel).
10.More BONNELL E-mails and information can be found at Robert Bonnell's Connect with Other Bonnells site.
11. There is a BONNELL dorm at Oxford that is part of the Jolley Residential Center!
12.In the recently published book "24 Hours in Cyberspace", there are 7 Bonnell's in the Guestbook section.
13.Many in the Bonnell / Bunnell tree were LOYALISTS (or Tories), some of whom have been documented by Paul J. Bunnell. Here's some of Paul's books.
14. Not to be confused with this Paul Bunnell who has an interest in Hypnosis.
15. Interested in some information about Telegraph Keys:"... Jesse Bunell, a former field telegrapher for President Abraham Lincoln during the United States Civil War ..." J.H. Bunnell & Company. Also BUNNELL Telegraph Keys and The SPARKS Telegraph Key Review.
16. Want to change your scenery? Try Mike Bonnell's Computer Wallpaper.

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