Monday, June 12, 2006

Colorado Pics #1

I haven't been posting (or doing much of anything on the computer) since I have had all this trouble with my eye, but I will put a big bunch of pictures on tonight - about 40 in all. These photos were taken around May or June, 1967. Harry and Leone Shelton took a trip to Denver to visit Leone's brother Charlie Rogers and his wife Pearl. These are most of their vacation slides.

Fountain at Broadway and Colfax

In Civic Center Park across the Street from the state Capitol Building. Charlie and Pearl lived about three blocks from here.

Grandpa and Charlie at the VA Hospitol where charlie drove an ambulance

This is the Fun House at Lakeside Amusement Park. The park is till there but the funhouse was torn down in the mid 1980s. The giant woman above the entrance would giggle and jiggle! (After the park was torn down I think she moved back to Fairfield - haha! I see her in Kinkaids every now and then... : P
Castle Rock, Colorado

I have no idea where this was taken or why Grandpa and Charlie were out on that cliff!

This picture was probably taken down towards Colorado Springs

The Garden of the Gods
That's Uncle Charlie in the fore-ground

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Raymond Shelton said...

If I remember correctly, I remember mother telling me that Uncle Charlie took mom and dad to a hugh hole in the ground somewhere out in Colorado and they threw rocks down and had to wait for quiet a spell to hear them hit the bottom.

Perhaps you know the location?